Castle Comfort Stairlifts has, as a trade partner of Stannah Stairlifts, been at the forefront of new stairlift installations throughout the UK for over a decade.

With their dedication to high quality customer service at keen prices Castle Comfort have took it upon themselves to research the newest products in the wider mobility market in order to bring the best technological advances to its customers. 

Over the years we have brought American and Spanish stair lifts to the UK as well as American and Spanish riser recliner chairs.  To this end they can now announce this new website which will showcase the most advanced and futuristic designs of mobility equipment fresh from the lab and soon to be available from us.

We are working on an exclusive UK license for some of these products.  This will please the UK customer who, up until now, has had to spend precious time and effort tracking down overseas distributors, dealing with the language barriers and finding their way through the maze of shipping and customs as a non-trade customer.  As Castle Comfort has 12 years experience of international freight shipments within the mobility trade we are well placed for you to get the best stair lift prices direct from us.

Take a look at the picture above to see what will shortly be shipping from Japan.  Using HONDA motor cars extensive research and design experience and more than 100 million dollars of investment HONDA have created the ASIMO.  The name is an acronym for "Advanced Step in Innovative MObility".   

On first glance you might think at 4 foot 3 this is an internet prank of a child in a robot suit.  Well I can assure you that as soon as these units are released for commercial sale and have gained the necessary permits from the HSE then we will be trialling one in our offices as soon as we can.

The benefits of this little fella are that he can meet and greet visitors, recognise faces and greet by name, fetch and carry items, walk, run and  climb stairs. Commands are given through a handy portable keypad device, just like you get with a  stair lift.  Lets just hope that married couples don't argue over who controls the remote!